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The Center is located on the fourth and fifth floor of the Teaching building on main campus of the NCUE. The Center consists of three divisions:


1. Division of Curriculum and Certification




The Division offer courses of teacher preparation program, coordinate and integrate courses for each department and graduate institute, and issued a preservice teaching certificate.


 2. Division of Intern Programs and Career Service





    The Division, in conjunction with all departments in the NCUE, assists students to select secondary schools around the nation and to engage internship. The Division also cooperates with all administrative offices and the Student Counseling Center to help students fully develop their potential and successfully find employment upon graduation.

3. Division of Professional Services for Local Schools




      The Division, in conjunction with central and local government education bureaus, teacher training centers of other universities and colleges, and junior and senior high schools in the nation, as well as academic research offices, conducts various works to improve our secondary education and upgrade alumni s professional knowledge, such as to offer short-term workshops for teachers from local schools, to  provide counseling help teachers solving teaching problems, to publish books, e-news and journals for teacher education.